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Integrated thinking

  Water and agriculture are inextricably linked but in Germany, there are water pollution problems caused by farming that must be urgently addressed The upsurge in land cultivation that has taken place over the past 60 years, coupled with the high use of fertilisers and pesticides and intensive mass animal farming, has led to significant… » read more

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Cities of the future

  Zero sludge production may seem the impossible dream of municipalities, yet considerable sludge reduction can be achieved with bio-augmentation   The management of bio-solids (sludge) derived from the treatment of domestic waste water has been a difficult issue for years. A great deal of research and technological innovation have evolved around this problem. This… » read more

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Freedom to meet targets

  The transparency of the French governance model works for the public management of its water and waste water services Water services should be subject to solutions adopted locally. In France, this principle is applied to its extreme, leaving municipalities free to determine how to meet water policy targets that are defined at European or… » read more

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Holistic risk management

  Approaches to safeguarding drinking water and waste water utilities, and how a web-based risk management tool has been successfully trialled Water supply and sanitation are critical services and contribute to a safe, healthy environment and society. Many different kinds of hazards and hazardous events may adversely affect water supply and sewage operations and ultimately… » read more

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