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Curing our medicinal ailment

  The Dutch water sector believes that pharmaceutical residues should not be found in drinking water sources. Responsibility should be taken along the chain       Around 10-15 years ago, the first research reports were published stating that surface water in The Netherlands contained pharmaceutical residues. The concentrations of these residues were extremely low.… » read more

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Road to reform

  Improvements in the Bulgarian water supply and sanitation sector are underway. However, more investment and further EU assistance is still required   The reform of the Bulgarian water supply and sanitation (WSS) sector has been an issue since the mid-1990s. The reform itself was partially prepared by different governments over the years but for… » read more

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  There is a human right to water and sanitation, so the balance between availability and affordability is fundamental to the water service process   The organisation and economic framework of the water sector in Europe is very diverse and reflects the subsidiarity principle which EurEau supports. In all European countries, the economic aspects of… » read more

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